Week 1 In Review
12/12/2015 4:45 PM




I would like to welcome all of you toanother Simsbury Swimming and Diving season. This will be the first of many“Week in Review” emails as we strive to keep you well informed of all theimportant information about our team. It is looking like we will be 36 swimmersand divers strong this season. We are off to an excellent start as we have hada very hard, intense, week of practice. It will take us some time to get backin top swimming and diving form, but we will get there. We work hard everyevening in practice.



Our practices are every night atWestminster Pool from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. We have been asked to hold off enteringthe locker room until 6:45 in order to give the members a chance to use thelocker room and not be overcrowded. If your swimmer arrives prior to 6:45PMplease have them sit in the stands. I want to begin our stretching/dry landexercises promptly at 6:55PM. Our workouts are all planned, typed, andlaminated for each night of practice. They are a balance of distance, middledistance, sprint, stroke, and IM practices.


                                                TEAM SUITS/WARM UPS/CAPS/DRAG SUITS


Our suit fitting was on Friday and weare using the same Speedo suit as last season. Money for the suit was due onFriday at practice. I did receive a good amount of checks. If you did notsubmit a payment to me I need it no later than Monday at practice. I want tosubmit all suit payments to the AD office on Tuesday.



Our team warm up jackets will behanded out on Thursday, December 17th. Each swimmer/diver will beresponsible for the care of the warm up for the duration of the season. Theymust be returned clean and in excellent condition. If they are not returned;you will be billed in the amount of $55.00 from the Athletic Office.


We have ordered new Team Caps thatwill be shipped to us in 2 weeks. They will be a Speedo Aqua Dome, in the colorNavy to match our suits, and SIMSBURY imprinted in yellow. They should lookvery nice. The cost of the cap will be $5.00.



I require each swimmer to wear a teamissued Simsbury drag suit in practice. These suits will be handed out on Mondayat practice. If your swimmer forgets their drag suit at home; they will not bepermitted to practice. These suits need to be returned at the end of ourseason.



We have been invited to the BulkeleyRelays and have accepted the invitation. This is a great, fun meet to begin ourseason. Our goal is to have each swimmer swim in at least 1 relay. The bus willleave from the back circle promptly at 4:00PM, don’t be late or the bus won’tbe there. The meet start is 5:45PM. If parents attend there is a small entrancefee. We will make a supper stop at the Bloomfield Wendy’s on our way home.


                                                                SCHEDULE OF THE WEEK

DATE                                     EVENT                                                   TIME                                                      PLACE

12/14                                     Practice                                                                7PM-9PM                                            Westminster

12/15                                     Practice                                                                7PM-9PM                                            Westminster

12/16                                     Practice                                                                7PM-9PM                                            Westminster

12/17                                     Practice                                                                7PM-9PM                                            Westminster

12/18                                     BulkeleyRelays                                                Bus– 4:00PM                                     BulkeleyH.S.



We do have a team website and the webaddress is seek to keep that updated with all current information, meet schedule, teamdinners, and photos/videos. This year we would like the permission of theparents to have an individual photo of each member on the web-site.

If you would visit the web-site todayyou will see a blank green photo next to you swimmer or diver. If you clickedon the photo we will be able to enter their best times. This is how we want tokeep record of best times throughout the season. Our season schedule is postedunder the tab “Schedule”. Click on “Schedule”, click on the blue tab on thedate, and you will see all the needed information.


Many Thanks,


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