Week 2 In Review
12/20/2015 4:26 PM



We had another good 4 days of practice as we continue towork to prepare for our upcoming dual meet season that is fast approaching.This week we have averaged between 4500-5200 yards per night divided betweendistance, middle distance, and stroke workouts. Our Captain’s will be leadingour stretching and dry land exercises for the rest of the season.

                                                            BULKELEY RELAYS

We attend the Bulkeley Relays each year with the samegoals of 1) having fun, 2) getting everyone in at least 1 relay, 3) coming homewith some relays winning a medal, 4) enjoying time together at Wendy’s. As acoach I can say we accomplished all of our goals. We had a blast at the Relay Carnival,everyone swam, we had 2 relays medal, and I saw our team enjoying each other’scompany at Wendy’s. I was extremely proud of the attitude, effort,sportsmanship, and how well everyone swam this early in our season.Congratulations to our 300 Yard Breastroke Relay of Steve Jiminez, XavierBraun, Sophie Levesque, and Jimmy Salina for placing 3rd place andwinning the Bronze Medal with a time of 3:56:47. Congratulations to our 200Medley Relay of Will Pendergast, Xavier Braun, Joshua Rubinsky, and GrahamClarkson for placing 2nd place and winning the Silver Medal with atime of 2:06.66. A nice job was done by all of our swimmers and divers.

                                                            FIRST DUAL MEET

Our first dual meet of the season is tomorrow, Monday,December 21st. We will be swimming The Gilbert School at the WinstedYMCA. The bus will leave at 6:30PM from the school and the meet will begin at8:15PM.

                                                            TEAM CAPTAINS

This year we will be led by our Team Captain’s – Alli May,Max Braun, Graham Clarkson, Will Pendergast, and Sean Russell. They will do anexcellent job leading our team.

                                                            TEAM CAPS

Our Team Caps should arrive on Monday according to theemail I received; just in time for our first dual meet against The GilbertSchool on Monday. Our Team Cap must be worn in our meets and the cost of thecap will be $5.00. They will be a Navy Speedo silicone cap with Simsburyprinted on it.

                                                            TEAM MANAGERS

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again our home meet Scorer’s Tablewill be run by Mr. and Mrs. Catalano and their daughter Lauren. I am so happyto have them back even though their son Nick graduated 2 years ago. They havebeen very gracious to support our team this year.    

                                                            TEAM DINNERS

One thing you will find out about our team is that welove to eat and we love Team Dinners. Our Team Dinners are usually held on eachSunday during the months of January and February from 4:30PM-6:30PM. The dateswe are looking to have a team dinner are January, 10th, 17th,24th and 31st, & February 7th, 14th,21st, and 28th.

Each team dinner we ask each swimmer to bring $5.00 tooffset the cost of dinner and the dinner can be anything from pasta to grindersand anything in between. If you would like to host a Team Dinner please let meknow.

A special Girl’s Only Team Dinner we would like to beheld on Friday February 26th from 4:00PM-6:00PM. The reason for thisTeam Dinner is for the girls to make posters and psyche boxes for each other asthey prepare for the Splash Classic Championship Meet. This is the girlsChampionship meet during the boy’s season held at Plainville High School.


This season we have 2 TeamFundraiser’s on the schedule. The first on is on the weekend of January 9th-10th.We are having a Cookie Sale at Fitzgerald’s. We are asking you to bake as manydozens of cookies you can make. Our Captains are organizing this and will be intouch with each swimmer and diver as to how we expect them to help.

Our biggest fundraiser isour swim a thon that is planned for Thursday, January 14th duringour regular practice time. We are asking each swimmer to set a goal of $100 totry to raise for the swim a thon. We need parents willing to help count lapsthat evening. Please let me know if you are available. Each swimmer will get apacket of information on this event. We have decided to give our 20% to the ABCHouse in Simsbury.                                                        

                                                            TEAM BUS PASS

As per our insurance and ADOffice if you would like to drive your son/daughter home from an away meet asusual we need a written note and I have created a “Bus Pass” so you are notfrantically looking for a piece of paper at the end of the meet. You can only drive your child home andnot another team member.

                                                            CAPTAINS MEET

On Wednesday, December 23rdour practice will be a tad bit different. At this practice meet we will takeindividual pictures of each member of the team and upload them to our websiteunder “Roster”. Right now on our web-site each member has their name and agreen face. We want to change that. Our goal this year is to do a better jobmanaging each swimmers and divers best times/scores. This web-site can help usdo that. If you went to our website and clicked on the face, the next pagethere is a place to enter best times/scores. After each meet we will enter besttimes/scores.

The team will be dividedinto the Blue Team and the Gold Team by the Team Captains. We will have thedeck set up as we do for all home meets. After we do our usual 850 yard warmup; we will run a dual meet between both squads. This is a yearly tradition.

                                                             SCHEDULEOF THE WEEK


DATE                           EVENT                                     TIME                            PLACE

12/21                           Meet                                        6:30PMBus                 WinstedYMCA

                                                                                    8:15PMMeet Start

12/22                           Practice                                   7:00PM-9:00PM          Westminster

12/23                           Captains Meet                                    7:00PM-9:00PM          Westminster

12/24                           NO PRACTICE                         

12/25                           NO PRACTICE                         





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